Digital Transformation and the Case for Low-Code

Digital Transformation and the Case for Low-Code

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and the challenge for all businesses is to identify the threats and opportunities that will come from digital innovation and respond faster than their competitors. Those that fail in this task risk hemorrhaging customers and revenue to more agile competitors, including new disruptors, that aren’t weighed-down by complex architectures and legacy-debt.

OutSystems sent a survey to IT professionals from all over the world, and more than 3,500 from 116 countries responded.
They answered questions on the priorities and challenges for application development and the strategies they are using to speed-up delivery—and whether these strategies are working. OutSystems analyzed their responses, and the result was the fifth annual State of Application Development report. You can download the report below.

According to the opinions provided by over 3,500 respondents in the Outsystems’ survey, low-code is making a significant difference for those who have adopted it.

Compared to those who are not, respondents who are using low-code are:


Download the OutSystems survey.

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